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Astrologer in Punjab : pt suresh sharma about says about stars and there position Certain aspects of human emotion are delighted by the great thinkers of the past. One such aspect is associated with sexually abusive homosexuality. Another aspect is related to the strange tendency of man to assume the presence of great power in the universe that seems to control every process. Venus and Jupiter represent gender and devotion. If we want to understand the true meaning of equality of status enjoyed by Jupiter and Venus in the planetary cabinet, we must deeper into philosophy.

Best jyotish in india there are Two Signs owned by Venus are Taurus and Libra. The moon is superstitious in the bull, and Saturn is exalted in Vague and Venus rises in the Jupiter-owned Fish, which is exalted in the moon-owned cancer. In accordance with its that are elevated in watermarks. Nakshatra owned by Venus are in fire signs owned by the Sun, Mars and Jupiter who are common friends. Yet another important thing is that both Jupiter and Venus weaken in Virgo where Mercury rises.

Mercury is mostly knowledge of the earth's planet. He undoubtedly represents relatively knowledgeable and his activities are related to a narrow framework. That is why the abstract Saturn does not rise to the Virgin. Jupiter means a certain degree of abstraction. Venus represents art. The pleasure that comes from love, music, etc., is the result of expression that flows from the heart. When someone is watching a beautiful picture or listening to good music or enjoying sex, his mind is driven by a special force and travels to unknown regions, moves there and there, moves into the universe, dances and volatizes in a magnificent atmosphere.

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Venus uniquely signifies art. The greatest technological revolutions and sociological quakes have not changed the natural affection and respect of human beings for art. Many texts on religion state that it is the best way to please God by reciting melodic songs. Venus covers the most important emotional lines that are naturally embedded in human beings. The fact that moksha (described as Final Bliss) is always compared to sexual bliss (in the sense that the former is superior and unlimited in relation to the latter being temporary and limited) gives enough clues to the philosophy behind Jupiter and Venus influences.

Powerful vashikaran specialist pt suresh sharma says inner anxiety or desire is associated with reproduction that in turn makes the soul revolving around the cycle of birth and death. Venus actually maintains and protects the soul until the latter identifies Brahman, to which Jupiter cares for the soul. Thus, Jupiter and Venus prevail over a very strange understanding. Although the saints speak so much of spiritual achievements, we must not forget the historical fact that many visionaries, kings and prominent personalities have given Venus influence on one or the other stage. Here special attention is paid to the pure Venus influence and the mixed Venus influence. Standard astrological texts provide combinations of strong sexual desire, etc. Which can be traced not from strong Venus, but to Venus, which is somewhat linked to the offensive. However, the remarkable ability of music certainly means only a strong Venus. Venus lives on two planes.

Jupiter, the greatest winner, marks devotion. This planet holds the whole universe. The sun, Karaka for Atma and Moon, a matter indicator (Prussia and path respectively) and Mars, Karaka for energy and unlimited strength, are all friends of Jupiter. This great planet fully agrees with the Moon in relation to Karana (compassion) So Jupiter becomes exalted in the Cancer that governs the Moon. Jupiter's influences shine brightly in higher levels of consciousness. Earthy flat Jupiter influences cannot be identified. It can be easily seen that even on Earth's plan Jupiter is the only planet that has all the key portfolios that make life worth living, namely; Passion, wealth and happiness.

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